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1 hours 30 minutes

About the Event

A chilling new retelling of George Orwell’s seminal novel. Live action and filmed image combine to reimagine 1984 as a ghost story as the feverish recollections of Comrade 6079 Winston Smith play out after thinking a thought and falling in love.

Comrade 6079 Winston Smith lies alone in a cell in the Ministry of Love, arrested by the Party for starting a diary, thinking a thought, and falling in love. Imprisoned for weeks, or months, his mind races with feverish recollections of the events leading up to his arrest. Thoughts of the Party, of Big Brother, of Julia, torture him. But the real torture is about to begin.

This new multimedia production enjoyed a sell-out run at the Grove Theatre, Eastbourne in June 2022.

Tickets: £10

What the audience said:

“Remarkable adaptation … chilling and timely”

“Performances truly breathtaking … worthy of a London stage”



This production contains two gunshots, flashing images, and scenes of violence.

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