Adventure Boyz

Cinema Movie
Action, Adventure, Family
1 hours 25 minutes
Howard J Ford
Howard J Ford
Angela Dixon & Jon Campling
Age restriction:

The Plot

Almost entirely shot in local locations surrounding Eastbourne and the Sussex downs, Hailsham Pavilion has this film exclusively ahead of it’s official release. Directed by multi award Winning Director Howard J Ford, Adventure Boyz, is a family movie that excites, inspires with thrills, spills and laughs along the way…

When a notorious crime boss (Jon Campling ‘Harry Potter’s infamous ‘Death Eater’) and his men steal a hoard of jewels from England’s Largest Castle, the last thing they expected to be up against, were two boys on BMX!

When the boys mum (‘Never Let Go’ star Angela Dixon) leaves them with her Speedway racing husband for the summer holidays, he insists they get off their devices and get out there and have adventures in the real world, and boy does that happen! Now embroiled directly in the criminals diamond-stealing plot, the boys have a race against time of a very different kind…

‘Adventure Boyz’ is not only entertainment for the whole family, but is a moral tale and a reminder to children of all ages about the exhilaration and adventures in life when engaging in physical activities away from devices!

Opening weekend screenings include appearance by main cast members!

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