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May’s monthly screening of short films selected from the 700+ entries we received last year. This month’s theme is Sussex Filmmakers – some of the best shorts from our very own filmmakers and from nearby counties. Come and join us for an emotional two-hours of funny and heartbreaking stories, featuring locations you’ll definitely recognise! Whether you’re a filmmaker or a film fan, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy!

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EX’S ANONYMOUS by Obie Dean 24:00

It’s 3.15PM. A group of 5 women are in a room with 6 chairs a Tupperware box and half a sandwich. With an all female cast, Ex’s Anonymous, is a sisterhood of women who are able to relate and share their experiences, strengths and hopes with each other, in order to solve their common problem, the male of the species.

BELLE by Joe Furey 13:02

A journey to the interior. Belle is processing the toxic relationship she is in, coming to terms with the need for it to end. The closer she gets to closure, the more the world around Belle starts to break down, in both a literal and abstract sense. Will she be able to come out the other side?

AUTUMN PATROL by Robert Cohen 5:00

Portrait of a traffic warden in crisis; as he patrols his patch, Kevin ‘Quint’ McBride reflects melancholically on the onset of autumn, the phasing-out of ticket machines (in favour of ‘pay by phone’!), and, by implication, on his own future world.

KEYS by Elle Brown

Agnes, a young immigrant woman, struggles to connect with others after her move to the UK. Lonely, grieving, and without the music she truly loves, she must find the courage to reach out to Julie, her sympathetic employer, who is seeking a connection of her own. A subtle but heart-warming story about loss, loneliness and friendship.

ROOM FOR ONE by Tom Oliver 09:41

“I’ve got a room at the hotel on Park We’ll have a few hours together, no more…” In the shady backstreets of downtown New York, a lady is waiting to meet you. She’ll invite you in, share her company as you share a drink. But something much more sinister is lurking underneath…‘Room for One’ is a one-woman short written and performed by Madeline Hatt. The film is seen through the eyes of the character Lady’s ‘client’ who joins her for an evening together. A female-driven production takes on the classic noir genre, with a modern twist. ‘Room For One’ is a revenge thriller, which sheds light on how little gendered expectations have progressed since the 1940s. The film hopes to spotlight society’s refusal to protect women and shield their abusers.

HALFWAY HOTEL by Orla Phipps 07:44

A homeless mother and her sons find refuge in a hotel being refurbished.

TOAST by Benedict Webb 13:30

After a young man agrees to help an elderly neighbour with their grocery shopping through lockdown, they form an unlikely friendship that changes them both.

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