The Canterville Ghost – K4AQ Relaxed Screening

Cinema Movie
Animation, Comedy
1 hours 30 minutes
Cory Edwards, Giles New, Keiron Self - Based on a short story written by Oscar Wilde
Kim Burdon + Robert Chandler
Freddie Highmore, Hugh Laurie, Toby Jones + Stephen Fry
Age restriction:

The Plot

The poor ghost of Sir Simon Canterville has been roaming his castle searching in vain for a brave descendant who will release him from the Canterville curse by performing a brave deed. An American family moves in and finds the ghost amusing, but a young girl in the family can release him – if she dares.

At a K4AQ Relaxed Screening we aim to provide a comfortable, tolerant and flexible atmosphere in which you can enjoy coming to the movies with all the family. These screenings play out at a lower volume, we leave the house lights on a low setting and we do not play any pre show ads or trailers. Plus all Kids tickets are £1.00!!!

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