The following is a list of key staff and board members:

Board Members

Brian Simmonds  (Chairman)
Jennie Elphick (Company Secretary)
Brian Simmonds
Tim Dowsett
Colin Hide
Trevor Powis
Emily Issacs
Gareth Jones
Paul Simmons
Ruth China-Roberts


Mary Ann Harding (Accounts Consultant)
Martin Coles (Accounts Consultant)

Management Team

Paul Nunney (General Manager)
Paula Beaumont (Assistant Manager)
Daniel Sands (Projection Room & Tech Manager)

Other Staff

Katie Richards (Box Office Supervisor)
Sue Hope (Box Office Supervisor)
Christina Hamlett (Box Office Supervisor)
Wendy Sansom (Housekeeping)
Jackie Evans (Housekeeping)

Sandie Angell (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Peter Baker (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Clive Hale (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Hazel Hooker (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Margaret Lainchbury (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Richard Nunney (Volunteer Duty Manager)
Trevor Powis (Volunteer Duty Manager)